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Candle boxes are the ideal option to give an artistic look to your stunning product. Candles are a product of significant quality. So, their packaging must complement the item. It is Customized BoxUS that provides you with attractive options for designing your customized candle boxes. They do not just preserve the quality of your product but also display them more professionally.
We create candle boxes wholesale using top-quality printing that makes a distinctive appearance and style among similar products.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to design candles for personal use, business, or want to design candle packaging for gifts; our experts are available to come up with something that will meet your expectations. We use candles for almost all of our life’s events, occasions, and moments. They are the most basic decor in both sadness and happiness.

The product requires its packaging to be as durable and efficient as the item itself. Customized Box US offers candle packaging boxes at wholesale prices that are the most effective on the market. Our professional designers are guaranteed a chance to utilize them to boost and increase sales for your product and market recognition.

Why Custom Candle Boxes?

Custom candle boxes will be the right choice if you want to know how to make your candles look attractive and alluring. Regarding packaging and branding, most people prefer to use custom packaging for candles. All over the world, the majority of brands and businesses choose custom retail boxes over random packaging these days.

The top reason to get the candle boxes is the custom option. We make our packaging out of eco-friendly materials such as cardboard, Kraft, rigid, cardstock, metallic stock, textured stock, etc. We can design your packaging with the custom options like size, shape, design, ads-on, and many more aspects.

Being the supplier of custom box packaging, we offer quality with quantity. You can get boxes of candles of your choice from us at wholesale. Get wholesale candle boxes that will be best for you and your brand as they are highly affordable.

Personalized Candle Boxes are the most trending way to display your candles. Customized Box US knows how to provide you with solutions to meet your requirements. We also offer free shipping to all the customers in the USA.

Alluring Candle Boxes For Business Growth

Candle boxes always prove beneficial for business growth. We can make your candle stand out and be sold quickly through our packaging.

Using packaging is the most effective way to get the market’s attention. The perfect candle box does not just look good; it also offers additional protection for the candle.

The wrong box can hurt your reputation with your clients. It’s because ugly packaging that is not with brand-name will appear cheap. It affects sales. Do you need a candle box with a Logo? Don’t worry about it, as we have luxury packaging such as Custom-designed boxes.

It’s the core of our business. We are proud of our ethically sourced, eco-friendly cutting and design precision. So, our design team will work with you to discuss your idea and transform it into realization.

Reasons To Choose Candle Boxes Packaging

Here are the four main reasons that will help you to know why you should choose candle boxes packaging:

  • Endless Design, Size, Shape Customizations
  • Affordable Prices
  • You have the Best Packaging Supplier
  • Fully Customizable Options

Endless Design, Shape, Size Customizations

Ordinary boxes aren’t enjoyable. They’re dull. The cost to purchase these boxes is prohibitive. Imagine if you could design an exclusive box that matches your branding’s style?

In which you could add a logo, color, or even a picture that you own? Also, the shape and size! Do you need it all at a reasonable cost?

The candle boxes wholesale service offered by us offer precisely quality business to you.

Affordable Prices

The cost of a Custom Candle box is expensive. We’re a company that produces high-quality boxes for businesses. We will provide you with an exclusive, distinctive candle box that stands apart from the other candles in the stores at a very affordable wholesale rate.

We Customized Box US has been in the packaging business for a long time and has worked with thousands of customers across the globe.

Our company specializes in helping small-sized firms, large-sized firms, and entrepreneurs with their products to get to market and earn some extra cash.

Our services are as inexpensive as possible, covering everything from printing the logo on boxes and stickers to sending them to your doorsteps.

You Have the Best Packaging Supplier.

We are aware of the many companies that make boxes for candle products. Since we’ve been in business for so long, we’ve realized that making the best boxes to hold your candle is crucial to the final product.

Based on our personal experience in helping customers pick the appropriate boxes, we’ve learned that each box must work in harmony and match your design and brand style.

Whether you’re looking to pack up your candle-making supplies or you are looking to begin your own profitable ecommerce business selling other people’s candles and bath products.

Fully Customizable Options

We are a top company that offers high-quality candle packaging at wholesale prices. Our customers are raving about our boxes because of their customizable options.

Along with unbeatable support and free service from our team of experts, we are helping our clients achieve the correct packaging type.

With hundreds of shape dimensions, sizes, colors, and themes available, we will help you find the perfect packaging for your candle business.

Our vast experience and highly knowledgeable team will help you do the perfect artwork for your candle-related project. We at Customized BoxUS are passionate about creating the finest quality custom candles, wedding favors, and packaging boxes.

We will always help you transform candle packaging from basic to stunning in just a few simple steps.

Eco-friendly Candle Boxes Packaging At Wholesale Rates

You’re an excellent candle company but lagging in making a profit because the packaging is outdated and tedious. It’s time for some fresh air!

We offer wholesale eco-friendly candle box packaging that is perfect for your needs, allowing you to make a mark in the market. CustomizedBoxUS produce and provide candle packaging using digital or offset printing on a demand basis.

Our Company can print digitally on our assortments of eco-friendly material. Our products are affordable, and we can add your logo or design to the print. Types of material we are offering:

  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Kraft
  • Rigid
  • Metalized Stock
  • Textured Stock

We manufacture an exquisite collection of candle boxes designed using modern packaging methods. We use these boxes for the storage of candles.

Our boxes are easily custom-designed to fit the style and specifications requested by customers. By incorporating the latest technology and machinery, we’ve developed these boxes by the specific requirements of our cherished clients.

Important Features About The Wholesale Candle Boxes

Imagine how cool it would be to own personalized packaging with candles, and the best is the option of getting wholesale candle boxes, which you personalize with your logo?

It’s possible to do all of this with us. We can integrate various services and products with our completely personalized boxes of candles.

Nothing makes a customized candle product more unique than offset printing. You can put your brand/ business name and logo on the boxes as a critical marketing campaign element.

Not only will your logo or design appear stunning in the box, but you could also make the box appear 3D using laser engraving.

With our custom-designed candle box solutions, companies can define the look of their products by using meaningful box designs that are guaranteed to impress their clients.

We all know that the industry of candles is currently booming. It has led to candles being readily available in many stores. While you can find many beautiful candles, a growing amount of candles have lesser-inspired designs and are of inferior quality.

How do you make your candle products apart from others? One approach is to use the advancements in manufacturing and printing technology that are only available in your favorite industry, Customized Box US.

Thus entrepreneurs who want to impress their customers can accomplish this with these customized branding boxes, inserts, and ribbons that act as the first impression of your company to prospective clients.

Fast Shipping & Turnaround Time For Custom Candle Packaging

We print and make affordable, durable, and economical custom candle packaging that will give your business a professional appearance.

Our personalized and customized foam and cardboard box packaging solutions offer quick turnaround times and speedy shipping worldwide. It is about 8 – 10 working days. If you want to ship your packaging boxes quickly, the least time is 6 – 8 days.

We’re the most renowned manufacturer of cardboard candle boxes, fluted candle sleeves, and candle cups with scents. We also offer a broad selection of candle packaging such as white boxes, natural brown boxes, and clear glass small boxes.

We make these boxes to precisely match the dimensions of the candle you’d like to put in them to ensure maximum protection of the product throughout shipping.


To get the high-quality and affordable Candle Boxes, contact us now: or 315 636 3141.


How to buy custom candle boxes?

If you want to buy custom candle boxes, then contact the best supplier. Customized Box US is one of the best packaging industries that will tackle all your needs and offer you final packaging as no one provides.

Where can you buy online candle boxes?

At our online website, you can easily buy the candle boxes online.


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