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Bottle Necker is the finest marketing tool that is in use these days. It is a thing that makes customers motivated to buy the products. A custom-made hole on the top of this Necker is used to hang it on the bottles. We use modern printing technologies to make these boxes. You can customize the size of this hole to fit it in different styles and bottles. Mainly the cardboard or Kraft material is in use to manufacture these boxes. The looks of Custom Bottle Neckers are like tags that you can customize worth the brand name, any message for the customers, or the brand slogan. All of the following actions are done to engage with the audience.

Customized Box US offers all custom materials for manufacturing Round Bottle Necker. We offer cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, or cardstock material. Choose one of the following. We offer offset or digital printing for the bottle Necker. We prefer to choose the digital way for Bottle Necker Printing. For more product details, contact us.


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