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How to Grow Cosmetic Business by Eye Shadow Boxes?

Eye shadow boxes

All the famous brands work on the quality of products and packaging. Now let us discuss the benefits of Eyeshadow boxes for a firm. Eye shadow is usually applied to the eyelids while doing makeup, and any look is incomplete without pretty eye makeup. One can use eyeshades to create three types of looks:

  1. Dark and bold look
  2. Soft and subtle makeup
  3. No makeup look
    One can opt for any look according to their taste. Various brands are making eyeshadow palettes to serve the needs of girls these days. Some of the famous brands are
  4. Huda Beauty
  5. Urban decay
  6. Fenty beauty
  7. Cover girl
  8. Dior
  9. Hip dot
  10. Tom Ford

Eye Shadow Boxes can protect eyeshades during transportation:

Eyeshade palettes are somehow sensitive makeup items that can easily break with a slight hit. If this happens, it is a loss for the company and can be a big question mark on the quality of brands products. To avoid all these terrible situations, any brand should make sure that they make custom eyeshadow packaging from kraft board material. The goods packed in these boxes are completely safe during transportation and can reach their final destination without any breakage so that the clients placing orders can be satisfied with your brands and its services. And give good feedback to others as well. Similarly, water and heat radiations cannot enter the box and spoil the makeup product. Hence customers can use makeup for a long time.

Themes and Style of Eye Shadow boxes

On the other hand, the boxes that have nothing on them have embossed designs. Which will be eye-catching for you at first sight? The embossed one, so all brands must use unique designs to impress the audience for their custom eyeshadow box. Once a girl is attracted to your brand, they will buy it at any cost because it’s hard for a girl to resist makeup goods that look appealing.

Eye Shadow Boxes with a die-cut window:

The brands that use eyeshadow packaging with windows in between are pretty clever and are on the right track. The window allows people to have an inner view of the eyeshade palette. In this way, your sales will strike at a tremendous rate rapidly. Contrary to this, one can use transparent boxes if they wish to do so.

Colorful boxes with unique styles:

Girls get easily attracted to colorful items placed on the brand’s shelves. So, try to make single eyeshadow packaging by using various colors. Usually, dark and bold colors are best for this purpose as these colors can grab attention more quickly as compared to light ones. Besides this, choose unique styles for these boxes that can give a memorable unboxing experience to the customers, like:

  • Sliding boxes
  • Open-end boxes
  • Folding boxes


Innovation is essential in the current period as competition increases day by day. The custom eye shadow boxes packaging is quite flexible and can help any brand modify their packaging at any time as per their need. This modification can be inbox shape, style, and size. The more any brand works on the packaging styles, the more easily it can win customers and boost the firm’s sales.


So, if any brand designs eyeshadow packaging by considering these points, they can quickly grow their cosmetic business. This growth will one day help you to lead the cosmetic industry.


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